Users Of server325.dnsserverboot.com =
Reseller Of server325.dnsserverboot.com =
Master Reseller Of server325.dnsserverboot.com =

As Our promise In Last Mail We Have Moved All Of Your Accounts To Server600.dnsserverboot.com

Please Update New Name Server to your domains
For Users If You Are Using A Record Than Please Update New Server Ip Address
Server600 Ip :

Old Name Server was

New Name Servers Are Same As Before

Please Note We Have Already Updated New Name Server Ip address to our old Name Servers
If You Are Using Any of Our Old Or New name server Than You do not Need To Change any settings in Your DNS Just Cross check your data Only And Let us know If Any Accounts Or data you see missed

For Reseller Users

If You Are Using Our Name Server Than You Do Not Need To Change Any Thing Just Cross check your data Only And Let us know If Any Accounts Or data you see missed

If You Are Using Private name Server Like ns1.yourdomainname, ns2.yourdomainname

Than Please Update New Server Ip Address In Your Domain Child name server Or Hostname As

Name Server

ns1 =
ns2 =

New Server Details
Server Name : server600.dnsserverboot.com
Server Ip :

Name Servers
Name Server1 : ns601.dnsserverboot.com =
Name Server2 : ns602.dnsserverboot.com =

Whm Login : , https://server600.dnsserverboot.com:2087
cPanel Login : https://server600.dnsserverboot.com:2083
Webmail Login : https://server600.dnsserverboot.com:2096

Username : As Old
Password : As Old

For Master reseller Users

Forword the Same Mail

Please Note The Old Server 325 ( ) will be deleted in next 24 hours At 15/12/2015 06.00 AM Please cross check your data files and account and let us know if you see any error of missing so that we can restore the same for you from old server

We will not be responsible for any datalose after termineted Server160


Let Us Know If You Have Any Question
Send Mails To migrationwhitednsclub@gmail.com During This Prosses

Somya Sarthi
Server Migration Team

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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